Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wow Long time didn't Blog man!!

lately saw my friends start to bloggin again
so i decide to play back again.........
lately very tired

exam coming soon a bit stress due to the average of 34% last exam MY GOD!!!!
i'm now offically  dead if i still don't pick up

Monday, September 14, 2009

Yo~~~ Today is a day! haha

well morning church as usual
so does group gathering
after all go cut my hair!!!

Arh!!! My Hair Short!!! T.T No!!!!!
but nvm now i can leave it until next year only cut tht's the good news
then after hair cut go to buy everything
i need to wear during my Cambridge PET exam
after tht go my uncle house
they have a new dog and it loves me hehe!!
so cute but playful can't stop playing with me haha
then go to eat sushi king
with my grandma loong time din saw her
she is getting older hope she will see me graduate from University
well we have a nice and expensive dinner!
then back home be the rocker as i use to be
no one at home Music ON!!! yeah!!!
and of cause i got study! abo my exam fail my heart will kena bleed
well study until 12 Tired d!

i think that's all for now

See ya Guys, Freestyle all the way Out!!

Friday, September 4, 2009



 1st say exam DIE!!!!
Chinese and Science Die!!!

2nd day 
BM and Geo ok lah i think can pass both

3rd day 
English and History i jsut scare my english din score A only

4th day Tomorrow!
maths!!! sure kena fail d!!!

5th day next tuesday
Art hope i can pass easily!

her exam at 9/9 hope she can get good result!

well almost everyday study till my eye dry!!! and sleepy whole day!
specially history and Geo Study untill ki siao!
math leh haiz no need say sure fail!!!!!

main exam at 24/10 hope can pass all and go to class i wan

Good Luck For Those Who Have Trial,God Bless You! Peace

Merdeka and Rehasal

Reheasal Day

WoW wake up at 5.30 and need to go at 5.45
Over Slept!!! take a bath then din eat or drink tio
Rush Hour 4!!! polish everything in the van
go there wah sleepy wan go toilet wait untill no patient don't want go d
but nvm can meet my friends from various company 
when marching start i think the road will be very very far 
but thank God it's still ok for me
after marching everyone sleep at van beh tahan 
go home wan to study till night cause going to exam

Real Day Merdeka!

Wow this day i wake at 4.30 to do everything wear ceremonial uniform so hot man
today everythnig go very smooth no rush!
at van my eyes going to close man just force it to open abo later sleepy tio gai
Boys' Brigade looks like the most smart but always talk while wait
but nvm this is our style! FREESTYLE!!!
well today marching very net and looks nice when viewing the picture 
and the end of marching everyone take a photo i stand next to the Flag so easy to spot haha
after it go home study study study sleepy  sleep sleeping over slept
wow my dinner over man use to take it on 6.00pm wake at 8.30 
then go to study again pia arh!!! pia ka ai si liao!!!
and tht's all for this two days!

yes i found my answer, i do love her! ^^
hope she feels the same

Need To Study,Pray For Me (Roll Out)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

what a damn boring holi!

Wah can't hang out with friends 

sports also can't what a good time in HOUSE!!! damn good!!!!
stay at home study! need pia liao
rain!!! don't rain liao lah!!! i wan swimming lah !!!
listen to music wholeday 
herm what should i do?
do i love her?
she have a lover?
does she hates me?
well hope she don't
haiz why i keep thinking of these thing
i wan to stop but why can't ? 
how to tell you ?
haiz my life always is like tht full of question!

exam is coming!!!
damn i love it!!! love like shit!
study study study 
gila gila gila
when can i have my freedom back!

and this holiday fight with a kid while playing basketball
he throw the ball on my head and i think he acidently
but when i give him back damn he push me!
then i give him a lesson in his face
and who knows let someone see it damn so lucky!!too lucky!!!

this holiday aneh nia lo haiz
so boring!!!

how to tell you ? haiz!

chao guys,freedom man!